No Minor Feat for These Ladies



By Yareli Cortez

Senior Violinist Izabella Gieron was chosen for the Illinois Music Education Association’s All-State Orchestra, proudly representing Argo at the All-State Music Conference in Peoria this past weekend. The Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA) is a state wide association that promotes and advocates high-quality music education for all Illinois learners.

This year, five Argo students made it into the district level of ILMEA. Brenda Escobedo represented band, Katie Block represented choir, and Izabella Gieron, Nora Majdoubeh and Emily Zwijack represented orchestra. Students that participated in the District Band, Orchestra or Choir are then chosen to be All-State for their section. This acceptance is very prestigious among the music community.

Most students spend their October focusing on homecoming festivities or the football season. For music students, though, October is filled with lessons, rehearsals and auditions.

Music students from Argo learn and practice difficult music for an audition to the association. Many hope to be accepted into the district band, orchestra, or choir. Being accepted into the district band is a huge honor, “the music is extremely challenging to audition for ILMEA, and I am proud of all who auditioned”, says Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Congratulations to all of our talented musicians!