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2019-2020 Staff

Melissa Vires


Melissa Vires is the Editor-in-Chief for The Maroon. She's a member of Argo’s Girl’s Diving team, Girl’s Bowling team, and a number of clubs including Yearbook and A Club. She enjoys drawing, reading, and writing anythin...

Emily Broniewicz

Staff Writer

Emily is a goofy girl who enjoys all things full of colors, creativity, and music. She participates in many different things around Argo and spends most of her time doing things in school.  She has enjoyed writing and drawing for man...

Virginia Gibson

Staff Writer

Virginia Gibson is a freshman at Argo but a very active participant. She is in marching band, yearbook, symphonic band, and choir, as well as a writer for The Maroon. Virginia loves to play The Walking Dead video game, watch ...

Andy Barba

Staff Writer

His name is Andy Barba and he is the fastest man alive. Not really. Andy is a Sophomore, and this is his first year writing for the Maroon. He is also in Radio, Theatre, and the GSA. Andy has many interests, he is a big fan of MARVEL comics, he...

Anaiah Davis

Staff Writer

Anaiah Davis is a current junior here at Argo. She is an AP/Honors student, a music lover, and of course, a writer. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and watching Netflix. She takes pride in being involved in...

Makira Davis

Staff Writer

Makira, a current sophomore, is proud to call herself an Argonaut. She loves playing the viola in orchestra and has been playing for 5 years now. She strives to achieve good grades but spends most of her day procrastinating instead of doi...

Marboreth Catano

Staff Writer

Marboreth, known by most as Marby, loves family time and her culture. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her favorite shows, such as The Walking dead, El Senor de los Cielos and The Office, over and over again. She loves w...

Colleen Holden

Staff Writer

Colleen has an interesting personality that brings fun and laughs where ever she goes. She is a total nerd, especially with Harry Potter, and has a passion for all things related to music and fine arts. She loves a good book, ...

Evelyn Majerczyk

Staff Writer

Evelyn is a freshman at Argo. She  is a very creative person and enjoys creating artwork. She also love current news and events likes reporting it for the Maroon. Evelyn loves the Jurassic movies, Marvel movies, and her three favorite TV shows are; ...

Adam Mateja

Staff Writer

Adam is one of the returning sophomore Maroon writers. On top of being a huge Nintendo fan, he also enjoys bowling and playing the violin. Aside from the Maroon, Adam is a part of Mathletes and Bowling. He's excited to be back...

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