Argo Veteran’s Day Assembly

Ryan Perez

Argo Alum Sgt. Gulotta rocked the drums in the new performing arts center Wednesday November 9th during the Veterans Day assembly, hours before he had to report for deployment to Japan. Sgt. Gulotta graduated from Argo in 2009 and is now a serviceman for the Marines. He has a very interesting role, he is a musician that plays the drums for other troops.

Sgt. Gulotta joined other service men and women from branches like the Air Force and Navy. They included some of Argo’s very own faculty and alumni like Mr. Kolke, Mr. Parra, and Tony Metoya. The assembly was organized by Mr. Kolke and hosted by Ms. Coleman and they shared this experience with all of the U.S. history students. The students stayed for an hour and heard about the stories of the veterans, and about the ways they can help. If you are interested in learning more information on VA or if you want to volunteer to help go to