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Argo Veteran’s Day Assembly

Ryan Perez

November 10, 2017

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Argo Alum Sgt. Gulotta rocked the drums in the new performing arts center Wednesday November 9th during the Veterans Day assembly, hours before he had to report for deployment to Japan. Sgt. Gulotta graduated from Argo in 2009 and is now a serviceman for the Marines.

Argo’s Music Department Hosts “An Evening of Jazz”

Manic Gamebreaker, Arts and Entertainment Editor

November 8, 2017

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The concert will be at 7 p.m. on November 9th in the new Portillo’s Preforming Arts Center.

The Argo Homecoming Parade is Live!

September 16, 2017

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President Trump working with Democrats on ‘Dreamer’ legislation

Megan Hubiak, News Editor

September 15, 2017

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President Trump met with leaders in the Democratic Party to discuss a plan to protect DACA legislation, reports the New York Times. The President is open to legislation that protects undocumented minors in the US, as long as it's partnered with legislation that heavily increases border security. It's notable that the package did not include a border a wall, which was a big campaign point for President Trump.

South and West Chicago to receive $40 million investment from Chase

Megan Hubiak, News Editor

September 15, 2017

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According to the Chicago Tribune, JPMorgan Chase will invest $40 million to Chicago's South and West neighborhoods. The 3-year initiative is designed to help stimulate the economy of those neighborhoods as a means to combat crime and violence. Grants will be given to community groups with programs that focus on job training, small businesses expansion, neighborhood revitalization and personal financial health.

Senior Banquet – The Beginning of the End

Rachel Burke

March 21, 2017

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By Rachel Burke The annual senior banquet was held on Sunday February 19 at the Crystal Sky Banquets in McCook. There were many well-dressed ladies and dapper gentlemen, dancing, eating, and celebrating their youth. The Senior...

Argo Higher Education Foundation Takes a Gamble with New Fundraiser

Madison Krzos

February 24, 2017

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By Ralph Fudala and Madison Krzos The Argo Higher Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides 4-year renewable scholarships to college bound Argo Community High School graduates. Students who attended Argo...

Argo Opens Up about Open Campus

The Maroon

February 5, 2017

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By Julio Nieto Imagine being able to eat your favorite lunch in the Del Essig Garden or catch a quick nap before going to Algebra 2. This could be a reality if Argo had open campus. Open campus is when students can leave during...

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