Alumni Night Brings out Proud Argonauts


Madison Krzos

By Madison Krzos and Yareli Cortez

“A lot of people don’t realize how good of a school it is” says Argo Alum and former teacher Bob Good. Many more alumni came out to reminisce about their high school memories on Alumni Night.

It all started with the first annual alumni game. The teams played 30 minutes uninterrupted. A familiar face took the court for Argo, vice principal Mr. Toulios. All the players seemed happy to be there and enjoyed a little friendly competition. There were also plenty of alumni in the stands cheering.

Maroon writer Yareli Cortez took the stands and talked to some alumni about why they’re proud to be an Argonaut. School board member Paul Zwijack graduated in 1983 and says he appreciates “The quality education and diversity this school had”. Alum Maribel Solis graduated at the turn of the century in 2000 and says “We have great diversity here and I love the sense of community this school has”.

Yareli also caught up with some more recent graduates. Alex Rivera graduated in 2015 and mostly misses marching band and especially being out on the football field on a hot summer day during band camp. Graduating just last year Leandra Gutierrez reflected on the night of powderpuff and says one of her favorite teachers were Mr. Malloy.

All in all, it was awesome seeing all the alumni come out and relive their high school days. The presence of Argo Community and a real sense of pride the alumni had for their school was felt. With memories recollected and the first ever alumni game played it looks like there is no shortage of proud Argonauts.