Varsity Boys’ Start The Season Against Lemont


Worood Shouli, Staff

The boys’ basketball team kicked off their first home game of the season in a hard-fought battle against the Lemont Indians. The game started off with a mellow tone, the Argo boys pacing themselves as Lemont took the lead. Within the first minute of the second quarter Jalen Cobbs took off scoring from the three-point line and making a layup a few seconds later. Lemont hit back with two free throws. Argo players Colbert, Cobbs and Oweisi played hot potato with the ball maintaining a ring of quick passes around the Lemont defenses. With about five minutes left in the second quarter, Arturo Marquez stole the ball, blocking Lemont’s attempt to take the offense. The game continued with intense passes, steals and even a dunk from Tory Turner.

The second quarter ended with a score of 9 to 22 and the half-time show begins. The Varsity Cheer team took the floor in a whirlwind of cartwheels, backflips, and midair splits as they chanted their catchy Argo cheers. They waved to the crowd and exited the floor as the Varsity Poms team took their place with one of their most electrically charged routines yet. Their hip hop dance moves were a completely different element and one that was very impressive as the screams and cheers of the crowd echoed the gym.

The third quarter was all about communication for our boys. They were signaling all their passes, dodging the players guarding them and making sure they were open for the ball. Jalen Cobbs jumped up right as Lemont 30 went in fora layup and Cobbs smacked the ball down with a quick and efficient save just three minutes into the third quarter. Right after his save, Cobbs went in for the three and it sailed through the net!

Mustafa Oweisi or Kyrie Irving? I couldn’t tell as Oweisi pushed off one foot and sent the ball sailing into the net from behind the three-point line while standing in mid-air. After that eye boggling spectacle, the fourth quarter began Argo 27- Lemont 57. Jalen Cobbs, once again, set the game going with a precise three pointer.

The fourth quarter must be dubbed quarter of the “threes” because it did not stop with Cobbs, shortly after Oweisi hit a three pointer, Shelly was subbed in and hit a three pointer in his first minute of playing time. If that wasn’t enough, Arturo Marquez shot another three-pointer at an impossible angle and it swooshed in as well! Although the boys worked tirelessly and determinedly together, the buzzer rang, announcing a 40-59 loss for the Argonauts. A quote Mustafa Oweisi gave after the game sums up the outcome pretty well, “Despite the disadvantages we had against their size, we came together and fought throughout it as best as we could. We trust one another and even after a tough loss like this, it will only make as better as a team as well as individuals”.