Must Listen to Summer Walker’s Album

Must Listen to Summer Walkers Album

Johnnae Starks, Staff Writer

To start off, Still Over It by Summer Walker is no doubt the best if you ask me. So, should you listen to it? Yes. And will you enjoy it and listen again? Of course. 

The back story behind the album is about Summer’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend and father of her child. This is something a lot of people go through nowadays; Boyfriend problems, baby-daddy problems, simply just problems. 

 Especially as a teenager, having a series of on-and-off love interests that I always seem to get hurt by. But every time, Summer Walker has been my medicine. Just knowing that people can go through the same pain as you helps you feel better, especially as a successful and beautiful woman like herself.  

Listening to this album, which comes with a lot of meaningful lyrics, really makes you sit and think about your relationships. Not just with your partner, but anybody. 

“How you gonna sit here and act like it was nothing?” sings Summer Walker in the song “Throw It Away” 

Being a girl in high school around boys that do not care who they hurt to get what they want, made this lyric really stick to me and made me think. Boys can just go back to living their regular lives after they made you cry for three days and act like nothing happened.  

“Swear I’m almost done ’cause it’s too many times” says Summer Walker in the song “Closure”. 

Being a girl of hope and the type of person that has always taken pride in giving people second chances when they are not needed, gets to a point where people take advantage of it it. 

It is time to be done like she said but as you keep listening to the song, it is hard. It’s hard to just give up on somebody you love even though you might have to. You cannot always do it because you might have a lot of love for this person. 

Finally, Still Over it—the heart break album of 2021; by Summer Walker—Is simply beautiful.  

Listen to it, it might help you make the hard decision you have been trying to make. Or maybe it will just give you some songs to put on your playlist, either way give it a chance. It will change your life for the better.