Trevion Shaw, Staff Writer


Faces is bright, Faces is dark.

Faces is happy, Faces is also sad.

Faces is old, yet Faces is also young.

If a picture tells a story, then Faces paints a biography.

Faces brings warmth to the room for many, but it can take away the warmth from more.

Faces is a soldier. Faces fights to save our lives,

 but takes away the lives of others.

Faces was multiple colors, but now it’s been put under a gray camera filter.

Trying to understand Faces is what makes Faces so unique, but Faces has become a blur.

If Faces is a book, then some of the pages are missing

 to make it look appeasing to others.

I never understood Faces.

Faces gives to others, yet I never understood what Faces wants.

Faces was the life of the party, but recently Faces never shows up to parties.

I miss when Faces can tell me what’s wrong.

I miss Faces.