To Monday,


Natalia Stanibula, Creative Corner Section Editor

You shouldn’t exist. Period.

You will never amount to being like Friday or Saturday–you should just give up.

I mean who do you think you’re trying to be? My boss?

Ordering me to go to work?

I hate you Monday.


I always plan what I’m going to do on Mondays: absolutely nothing.

You should be a nothing day.

In the year of 2022, there are exactly 52 Mondays.

That’s 52 nothing days.

I was going to do nothing today.

It felt fitting.

But I’m writing a poem.

I’m trying to change my mind on you

Because I loathe you.

I shouldn’t hate you. You’re just a day.


First impressions are important,

but maybe you didn’t choose to be the way you are.

We made you like this

We chose to work.

We decided to hate you.


Do you have feelings?

If you do,

I’m sorry.

I should treat you better.

If I treated you badly, it’s only fair you did the same to me.

I think I’m going to write more poems about you.

Maybe the world needs to hear the word Monday, And face you

Because you’re really not

that bad.



Natalia S.