Goodbye Tesla; The Lucid Air is in Production


Eleven hundred and eleven horsepower. A 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds. A 34-inch 5k display. Four-wheel drifts. You wouldn’t expect those statistics to come from a luxury sedan weighing north of 5,000 pounds.

On September 16th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave the Lucid Air a 520-mile electric range, demolishing Tesla’s highest offer of 405 by over 25%. It should be noted that the Lucid Air Dream Edition costs nearly twice as much as the longest-range Tesla model available, however Lucid’s more competitive model, the Air Touring, offers a longer range, at 406 miles, and a more competitive price; $20,000 dollars cheaper than even Tesla’s best offering.

Just on paper alone, the results are enough to boggle the mind. At a whopping 1111 horsepower in the performance specification, and 933 in the long-range edition, it’s sure to give the driver at the very least some strong g-forces. In their most recent testing video, the Lucid Air was seen doing four-wheel drifts! With a whopping 2.5 second 0-60 time, it’s not going to be breaking any records, but it still easily competes with most supercars. Moreover, because the batteries run on a 924-volt system, compared to the Tesla model S’s 375 volts, they create far less heat leading to greater efficiency.

Interior-wise, it’s safe to say that Tesla is still king in the minimalist sector. However, it’s a beautiful cockpit, nonetheless, featuring a 34-inch 5k dashboard. One thing that the Air really beats Tesla in though, is legroom. Since the Lucid Air is a sedan, with a slightly less sleek roofline, the room for the front passengers is generous enough to make even a Cadillac jealous.

The Lucid Air Dream will be delivered to customers starting early November, with lower trim levels being delivered later in 2022. Be sure to check one out in person at a studio in Oak Brook, or at the very least admire it if you see it on the road!

All information referenced courtesy of Lucid Group, Inc. and Tesla, Inc.