Five tips from an introvert to help fellow introverts make friends

As a fellow introvert, I understand that making friends is a difficult task. You have your close friends and you’re content with them.  You’re okay with being a loner in classes and clubs you have without them, and still see them often… well, more likely you text them regularly and reply to their social medias. You keep in close contact with your friends, and even though you hate to admit it, you’re starting to get a bit lonely. This means it’s time to make some new friends – but what if you don’t really know how? You have friends already, but your friendships just sort of happened. You didn’t set out to make them, you just did. Here are 5 tips to make friends as an introvert. 

  1. Make your personality visible. If people see who you truly are from the get-go, they can decide if youre someone they want to be friends with and will likely make the first move. 
  2. Talk to the people around you. I know it’s hard, but I personally have met some of my closest friends by simply sitting together in a class. Not everyone you sit next to will share the same interests as you but it’s always worth a shot to try some small talk. 
  3. Don’t worry about other’s opinions too much. As an introvert, I know how easy it is to overthink things, but if you think too much about people thinking badly about you, you could miss a chance to find a new friend 
  4. Don’t obsesses over the small mistakes. No one will remember if you stumbled over your words a bit, or if you mispronounced anything – simple conversation like these are easy to forget. Just take a breath, everything will be fine. 
  5. Don’t let your shyness get in the way of you making friendships!!! It’s easy to not talk to someone because your too afraid (and you definitely don’t have to talk to everyone), but don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you think you can be friends with them.  

Hopefully this helps make you a little less lonely in your classes and helps you form long lasting friendships. Good luck, you’ve got this!