Senior Banquet – The Beginning of the End

Rachel Burke

By Rachel Burke

The annual senior banquet was held on Sunday February 19 at the Crystal Sky Banquets in McCook. There were many well-dressed ladies and dapper gentlemen, dancing, eating, and celebrating their youth. The Senior Class Board facilitated the event, organized by Mr. Hassan. Cheyenne Brucato, Class President, led the pledge of allegiance and Senators Marilyn Arredondo and Daniel McGee read off the awards.

The food was decent, and the decor was lovely but what really stood out was the DJ. The songs he picked were not bad, but there was no transition between styles of music. He went from country to rap to pop to R&B, it was hard not to get whiplash listening to him bounce back and forth. He also played interesting sound bites while Marilyn and Danny read off the awards. For example, when announcing best laugh, the DJ played a clip of a very strange laugh and it was hard not to laugh along. It is hard to complain because he was very amusing, whether it was intentional or not is another story.

The awards were quite the show. Farouk Tabbara won best male dancer and gave a solid attempt at twerking on the dance floor for his fellow classmates. Triplets Danny, Eddie, and Katie McGee won the Three Musketeers award, and each triplet won their own awards after that. The announcing of the awards turned a little meta when Marilyn and Danny both won awards themselves. As expected, State-Qualifying Wrestler Audel Ochoa won class muscles. Class couple went to Raizal Lacaya and Marcin Marciniak. Another couple that won an award was Rose Mozier and David Hernandez who collectively won the class spirit award.

There was mainly positive feedback from the attendees. Jessica Szewczyk said, “It was a great way to spend time with my friends,” with only three months left until graduation. Although Senior Banquet is not the last goodbye, it was a great transition into our final chapter as Argonauts. Jennifer Gutierrez said it best when she told me, “Senior Banquet was a great night to be with friends but also a great time to look back on all the work we’ve put in the past three years to get this close to the finish line.”