Ticketmaster causes Taylor Swift fans to rampage all over the country


Grishma Patel

Taylor Swift, a popular artist since 2004, has brought extra fame to the table by announcing her “The Eras” tour starting March of 2023. This tour, following the new release of her new album titled “Midnights” has caused fans all over the world to go crazy in so many ways. Such as selling out every single ticket available of all fifty-two concert dates. 

Swift had entrusted Ticketmaster, a popular ticket-selling company, among many other artists to be the platform for the presale which announced for Taylor’s tickets on November 15, 2022. Many fans around the country had gone feral, and immediately went on to get these tickets as this is Swift’s first tour since her “Reputation” tour back in 2018. Unfortunately, Tickemaster didn’t satisfy the fans needs. 

You see, before being able to buy the tickets on the PRE-sale, you had to get a verified fan access code which Ticketmaster was also in charge of. The hassle of getting ahold of these codes seemed even harder than climbing Mt. Everest, according to fans. All day as everyone wanting to go to the concert were getting these codes, every single social media platform started to blow up. 

Suddenly these platforms, especially Tik-Tok, had been exposed to so much content from every “Swiftie” creator complaining about the hassle. Fans had been kicked off the site, not allowed access in the site, and even had to start the process all over again when they were one step away. Most analysists thought that the major number of fans being on the site at the same time had caused these issues. Either way, many people were clearly upset with the situation going on. 

“They should’ve noticed they did something wrong when they sent out way too many presale codes than instructed. That was supposed to help fans and prevent all of the commotion. It instead caused all of it. They should’ve been better prepared,” said freshman at Argo Community High School, Abbey Routien. 

When it came time for the PRE-sale on November 15, all hope for life as we know was gone. The internet had blown up again but this time it was bigger and worse. Most of the platforms being affected were Twitter and Tik-Tok. Fans had been posting videos and posts every single nanosecond, as it seemed. Just like before, buyers of tickets were continuously lagged on site, kicked off, and had to start the process over again. For the lucky ones who got to choose their seats, if it was taken when you clicked on it, your time on the site was officially over. The constant struggle of restarting and reloading had seemed to be getting worse over the hours. People like Abbey and other freshman at Argo, Mohammed Ahmad had seemed to lost hope as only one would come out the situation victorious with the tickets. 

After the whole presale, fans who hadn’t gotten presale codes and couldn’t get tickets during the presale still had one more chance for redemption. The general sale. Even though most fans hadn’t calmed down, they knew all too well that this wouldn’t be the end of it. The only question left to ask really was…are you ready for it? 

On November 18 2022, just three days after the pre-sale tickets went on sale, the general audience tickets were supposedly on sale. The same day before fans could even start buying tickets, Ticketmaster had released devastating news. Long story short, no one was getting any more tickets. The tickets available to all shows PLUS the NEW ADDED shows, had all been sold out that there wouldn’t be any left for the general distribution. Honestly, what did you even expect? 

Fearless fans and instigators all over the country could not be held back anymore. “Swifties” had been posting and posting. Probably all they could do at that point. Many people had turned against each other saying some new “Swifties” hadn’t deserved it as much as the others. Others had resorted to complaining with threatening tweets, backhanded dm’s, and even trying to “hate on” other artists Ticketmaster had represented with tickets. Overall, the days after did not seem to be the best for the company and the artist. 

Even now months after the whole situation happened, the fans seem to be split in half. Half have gotten over it and are probably just happy that there’s other ways to see the shows. Along with the fact that there’s going to be other shows. The other half, not so much. Although it’s not most fans, some of them still are holding some resentments. Mostly towards…you guessed it, Ticketmaster. The good news is that Ticketmaster is holding themselves accountable to their actions and that Taylor Swift herself has apologized to her fans. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Let’s just hope Ticketmaster looks themselves in the mirror and knows that they’re the problem. 



***For legal purposes, the written article is not encouraging or providing any ideas of slander towards any of the following parties involved. This article is for informational purposes for current events in the entertainment industry. 

Please note that this article was written before the senate hearing of Ticketmaster and does not provide any context of that in the article along with any information of it.