All Your Perfects : Book Review


A picture of the book All Your Perfects

Grishma Patel, Section Editor

Ever wondered just how hard your life could get? Well, this novel will show you there can sometimes be more heartbreaking, crushing, head banging things than crying over your exam or losing a game of monopoly. All Your Perfects is a novel written by Colleen Hoover; she is a new popular author who gained this popularity heavily on TikTok. This upbringing book is about a couple, Quinn and Graham, who are unable to get pregnant. Furthermore, we see this problem has heavily affected the couple mentally and physically as we see glimpses of their old relationship, as the book alternates seven years ago and in the present.

This book opened different perspectives of problems I hadn’t thought much about in the past. Colleen does a magnificent job shining light on problems seeming too dim and uncovered. The overall structure of the book is clear and easy to understand as the alternating chapters can relate and take place at the same time of the year as the present. The author, similarly, to her other pieces, makes this book very emotional and gives the reader the feeling of personally knowing Quinn and Graham with the tone, imagery, and language used to describe how they are feeling and why.

Initially, the book starts off with the past as a way of receiving background on how Quinn and Graham started their relationship. The not-so-subtle alternating chapters really make the reader physically see the differences in time, causing a more personal connection into the book. While reading this part, it didn’t give the effect of receiving background; it felt like sucking yourself up in the story and creating a commitment just like the characters. Next, as we keep digging into the book, you’re probably already in tears. It’s full of different situations and feelings that keep coming and coming towards this couple. They can sometimes make it feel like a category five hurricane, hurling with its strong wind carrying it in random places, almost too close to the shore. Towards the end the book, there are some shocking plot twists that can give some audible gasps. The tears never stopped coming down and gave feelings of presence like being a part of this whole relationship and going through this never-ending rabbit hole.  It’s the most heartbreaking but there is one of the best book endings to conclude the story.

But of course, all books can have flaws; All Your Perfects does some minor things that can be criticized: character development and rushing some things. The ending was very quick, like it was just put off. It felt sort of rushed like “oh well there’s that. Okay now it’s done, get out.” Another concern was how the main character Quinn’s personality was along with how they delt with the problems. Even though some of this stuff isn’t noticeable, the ending could leave you wanting more.

Even though there were some minor flaws, overall, Colleen Hoover did a great job with this book and gave it so many great qualities. The book was a great read. Even though the characters could have needed some help, it was all based on the representation of a grieving woman and her relationship. Sometimes books don’t do enough justice to some problems but the light being shined on this topic like sunshine spreading over the essence of flowers after a rainstorm made it even better.