The face of SMONEY: Argo’s famous entrepreneur


Marina Ilic, News Editor

“I would have never thought that the superintendent would want to buy an ‘S Money’ shirt from me,” said Stephen Beveridge, founder of “S Money”.

Shirts, hoodies, buttons, and more, all with the name “S Money” printed on them have overtaken Argo students. A current Argo senior has taken it upon himself to begin a business all about…him.

Stephen Beveridge is a senior at Argo that has made a business out of his own nickname and sells anything you can think of with the phrase “S Money” printed on them. “S Money” is his nickname and has also become the name and face, of his merchandise business. “S Money” started making an appearance towards the end of the 2022 fall semester and has rapidly increased in growth since then. Stephen has not only made a name for himself but has also become one of Argo’s most intense entrepreneurs.


The following interview with Beveridge has been edited and condensed.


What/ who is “S Money”?

I am S Money. It all started because I thought it was funny. That’s the genuine truth. I had the name S Money before I came up with the pins, which is what it started with, but it grew into something bigger from there.

Did the business start with pins?

Yeah, the business started with pins and I was like “this is really funny I should make T-shirts.” But the pins started with saying, “I Hate S Money” and that happened because I just finished watching the Elvis movie and he had pins that said, “I Hate Elvis.” I just simply thought it would be funny if I did it too. So, I did it. Everyone in my Graphic Arts class thought it was great, so we accidentally printed a couple hundred more and passed them out around the school. It just kind of took off from there. The pins became our way of selling shirts.

Did you start gaining traction after the pins?

After the pins and the dollar bills. The dollar bills were crazy. If you’re reading this article and you still have the OG dollar bills, bring it to me and it’s $2 off your next S Money order. It’s a coupon now.

Are you still printing money?

No, it’s a little bit illegal. You can very easily tell that it’s not a real dollar bill and if your establishment is not looking at the dollar to see if it’s real…then they’re probably not doing the best job. But we have currently stopped printing money. We are thinking about maybe printing it out again or something similar, to act as a coupon.

What encouraged you to pursue this?

Honestly, I just thought it would be really funny if I saw a bunch of people walking around wearing a shirt with my name on it. Most of this is influenced by comedy.

Do you have a team helping you with all of this?

I do have a team. Make sure you put this next part in there: His name is Joshua Boggs. He does custom stickers, shirts, hoodies, and pants. If you see him and you want any custom work done, talk to him he’ll set you up.

Are you making any profit from this?

Too much.

Is there anything you would change about how you did all of this?

I wish I wasn’t as lazy towards the end of last semester with the Christmas designs. And I wish I would’ve kept other products going, like the sheistys. But they were really hard to deal with. I wish I would’ve released the Christmas designs because I had one ready, but it wasn’t perfect and I just stopped working on it.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to people?

You can do literally whatever you set your mind to. If it brings you joy, just do it. It might work out in your favor, or it might not. But just do it. You never know until you try.


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