A cold winter night

Angel Gibson, Staff writer

It’s winter outside.

You’re in bed under the warmest, fluffiest blanket in the house.

You’re watching your favorite Christmas movie.

Every sip of the warm hot chocolate you drink from your snowman mug gives you a little kiss.

The warmth hugs your body.

It’s all so calming.

Looking at the pure white snow and joyful lights, but yet somehow you’re crying.

Is it because no one is around,

or is it because you have no one that can hold you close on these cold winter nights

when your heart is as fragile as glass.

Maybe one day someone will hold you close like this.

There’ll be two mugs and a room filled with laughter.

Most importantly though,

all the warmth is real.

As your lover holds you close in their arms,

you realize you wish this moment could last forever.

You want that to be your reality,

but the only thing hugging your skin tonight

is the sweater from your childhood crush

that never returned your feelings.