Trevion Shaw, Staff Writer

I sit on a throne of Desperation, 

 wear a crown of Misery, 

 I dwell in the sorrow of the dejected and feed on Despair, 

 for that is who I am. 

Lies .

For I am not a person but a composite, 

A composite of a falsehood that was once used and then discarded as trash for that is where I reside. 

I am glorified as a king and my words are easily apprehended. 

Although I am welcomed by the tongue 

I can be like dysphagia to the throat. 

For I am hated by all 

Yet what is the utilization of Truth if it only hurts? 

I am but a king that is consumed by his people and then tossed aside after there is no use for me anymore. 

I go by many names. 

The Faker. 

The Poser. 

The Deceiver. 

Just like how the truth shall set you free, 

I shall imprison you in the falsehoods that you desire.  

For I am a poison that will be the savior for those who live in pain.