My signs on if they like you

Bryce Barnett, Staff writer

We all have or had feelings for someone, and to properly express that is hard. Only a few can really make that first move, being confident and abled to approach that person, no matter the circumstance and express how they feel towards them. Most of these situations result positively. Sometimes it’s a catastrophic ending for the person who confidently expressed themselves. The reason I’m writing about this is to give you a shortcut around having to perform that without potentially embarrassing yourself. These solutions may or may not work out for you, but it is a sign that has worked many times to convince some people that their crush or the person they have a heart out for feels the same way.

If you want to try to ask out a person you have feelings for based on these opinionated signs, go right ahead. This is solely based on experience, but has not worked for some people and even misled them to a tough rejection.

Here are my signs on if they like you:

  1. They are texting to have a genuine conversation–not to respond.

This must be one of the biggest giveaways of them enjoying your presence, talking to you, and wanting to like you. When most people speak to someone they like, they want to have a genuine convo, and learn more about them.

A dry one-word conversation is the complete opposite and something you should watch out for: Signaling that they are just responding and trying to not move the conversation forward.

If you still don’t understand, an example of this is talking about your aspirations and dreams to them, and them texting back with the same exact energy instead of dismissing it and ending the conversation.

  1. They put in effort.

If they are going out of their way to make plans, like going out to eat, attending events, or even the small things like making sure they’re saying the right thing to you or sending the right text to take your feelings into consideration. That’s putting in effort with trying to like someone. They are trying to progress the situation you guys have. A person who doesn’t put effort into spending time with you will most likely not want you or is playing hard to get.

  1. Nervous, but never avoiding you. 

Our last signs are being more comfortable around you and being nervous when you come around.

Being nervous around someone, especially if you are usually confident and more social around a majority of crowds, could be a sign that you feel some romantical feelings towards them. Fidgeting, stuttering over words, doing unusual and dumb stuff that doesn’t usually happen around others, laughing at every joke, even when it’s not funny, these are obvious signs that they like you and some that you need to capitalize on.