Injuries in sports

Michal Gacek, Writer

I remember when I used to go to my sisters’ games there was an injury every event I watched. When I went to Florida for her tournament, she twisted her ankle, and it was the worst because she had to drive back to Chicago with a broken ankle and she was complaining to me and my parents the whole time.

Nowadays, injuries are continuing to get more and more serious. So, what can people do to prevent these injuries here at Argo Community High School?

“Injuries didn’t completely ruin our season, but it did hurt us because our top goal scorer from last year was injured for the whole season,” said David Soria, a senior on the soccer team at Argo Community High School. “At first, he was supposed to be out for one month. He told us on the first day he would be out, but we never knew it would be for the whole season and we would be playing without our top goal scorer from last year,” said David.

In soccer, common injuries include pulling your hamstring, getting a concussion, twisting your ankle, and pulling or tearing other body parts or ligaments. These injuries can be easily prevented. According to Ecommunity, you can prevent these by just doing simple things. If you stretch correctly and use proper mechanics you can easily avoid pulling or tearing something. Staying alert and being aware of your surroundings can also prevent you getting injured.

“When someone on my team get[s] hurt, I get sad,” said David. “I feel bad because they are out for the game or maybe it’s a worse injury and they are out for the rest of the season.”

“Common injuries in volleyball are broken and jammed fingers and also twisting your ankle,” stated an Argo student. “I had a broken and ruptured ligament. I was injured for over a month, and I never go[t] cleared. I was supposed to get a surgery, but I never went to [a] specialist and lied to my main doctor and said they never cleared me.”

When people are playing or even watching from the stands, you can tell they feel bad for you when you get injured because they don’t want to see you miss out on the season.

The Argo student said, “It feels terrible, and I would never want to be injured again and miss out on playing the sport I grew up playing.”