Review over the movie Slumberland


Natalia Stanibula, Creative Corner Section Editor

A Canadian riding a massive goose. Do you want to see that? That’s what you’ll get to experience in the movie Slumberland, an adventure film, and much more: like a pig, named pig, coming to life to help the 11-year-old main character, named Nemo, find her late father in her dreams.

Right at the beginning of the movie, you already get a taste of what the sound crew has in store for you: intense, fantasy music. However, they switch to soft piano music for sad scenes. The change in lighting also adds to the mood. For example, when Nemo loses her father, the scenes are gloomy and there is little warmth. However, when something positive happens to her, the scenery has a comforting glow and intense color.

For starters, the plot seemed simple. Nemo lost one parent and she then loses the other. You’d think the rest of the film would be basic, but once you’re introduced to one of the main characters, Flip, it gets wild. Flip is a dreamer outlaw, a person who chose to keep dreaming and jumps to other people’s dreams. Initially, Flip seems like he’s the antagonist. Especially when he’s throwing insults at Nemo in her own dream. Subsequently, he gradually becomes more witty and friendly through the film. Eventually, he helps Nemo find her father in her dreams.

Slumberland does have CGI issues. While the flowing CGI grass looks magical, there are areas where they could have put more attention to detail. For instance, one of the creatures that Nemo and Flip encounter looks so out of place compared to the background.

At points, I didn’t feel that Nemo was in trouble. The main antagonist was scary, but not deadly. Especially when corny jokes are in action scenes. However, Nemo’s actor, Marlow Barkley, does an amazing job showing fear in those moments.

So obviously, cliché does to Nemo what cliché chooses to do; the Slumberland directors put her in a home with a new guardian who has the best trait of fictional stepparents: emotionless. His name is Philip and he’s a door lock salesman. He had little remorse when speaking to Nemo after her father’s passing: he was basically a rock. After, though, his development throughout the movie to become a father figure for Nemo is outstanding. You really feel how their connection grows. He becomes a rock that she can now lean on.

Overall, the creators of Slumberland did a good job. I suggest you watch it if you’re into fantasy and adventure. This film exceeded expectations, provided a beautiful set, silly humor, and a plot that keeps you awake while the characters are dreaming.