Almost Friday: A closer look inside the varsity football team

Almost Friday: A closer look inside the varsity football team

Maja Nawrocka, Staff Writer

Octavio Enriquez, a Junior at Argo Community High School and number 77 on the field, found a new family in the Varsity Football team.

“We really are a brotherhood. We’ve got each other’s back at all times and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.”

The things that make football enjoyable are the team bonds that are formed during the season, and the bonds between football players are tough. While not everyone may get along all the time, the players have respect for each other and treat each other almost like family.

In football, the bonds formed through sweat and tears are thicker than those formed by blood.

However, there’s more to being a Football player than just team atmosphere. Like all student athletes, the Football players have a lot on their plate. They practice every day, Monday through Friday, right after school until 5:30. “It’s pretty difficult. It follows like a very tight schedule,” said Jacob Fries, a Junior and number 45 on the Varsity team.

There are two parts to being a student athlete, and both are just as important. Despite the additional time that is consumed by practice, football players are expected to finish their homework and study for exams just the same as any other students. “Homework is a little tough, you know coming home a little late, but we manage,” says Enriquez.

Despite the hardships, both Enriquez and Fries enjoy their time on the Football Team.

The players have created some pregame rituals. At home games they are led onto the field by the Marching Argonauts. With the booming of the drums, it’s hard not to get hyped up for the upcoming game.

“We just lock in you know. Anything to prepare us for the game ahead. You can’t be overly hyped, or you won’t perform well,” says Enriquez.

The football team isn’t all work, no play. The team has their own jokes.

The Argo Football emote, started by Fries himself, has quickly become a big team joke.

“Just today, my head coach sent me a gif of the emote. He loves it,” says Fries.

The emote was popularized during the Shephard game after Fries tackled an opponent, pointed at him, and started dancing. Since then, the team has popularized the dance on social media.

“It’s become one big inside joke,” says Enriquez.

Another part of Argo Football culture is Argo Barstool, an Instagram page dedicated to the football team.

The original barstool account, which is not affiliated with Argo, was taken down and banned shortly after the Homecoming game against Reavis. Since then, a new barstool account has been created, but even the Football team doesn’t know who runs it.

The barstool account posts all sorts of football related content, from the game schedule to spirit wear, and everyone’s favorite: the “Almost Friday” posts.

So, what is “Almost Friday”?

Halfway through the week, Argo Barstool would post embarrassing and funny pictures of the players or their friends with the caption “Almost Friday” in an effort to gather more hype for the upcoming game.

And it worked.

The pictures got reposted all over social media, letting everyone who saw them know that there was a football game coming up.

Everything from Argo Barstool, the emote, and team huddles are important parts of Argo Football culture that bring the teammates closer together.