Are School Hallways Safe?


Natalia Stanibula, Staff Writer

How safe do you feel in your school hallways? Argo is known to do many ID checks to make sure everyone entering the building is supposed to be there. I out tested how safe it really was, but first I took some pre-experiment data.

I had three freshman volunteers for my experiment: Gabriela Bonar, Savannah Valendia-Munos, and Gabby Huzior. I would do this experiment three different times throughout the week with each candidate.


The Experiment:

  1. I would attach an air pods case or put money in their bag before entering the hallway. (I’d make sure it was a different setting or place each time.)
  2. I’d make sure that at least one or two people were looking.
  3. I would try to “steal” either of the items as carefully as possible. I wanted it to feel as real as possible.
  4. I would hold out whatever I stole, look at it, then stuff it into my pocket.



We had high hopes for this experiment. However, nobody spoke up when I stole from their bags.

As secure as Argo tries to be, it’s unfortunate that it seems this experiment shows we can’t trust our peers. This does not mean we cannot trust anyone. This experiment only went on for a week and its possible I could’ve gotten different results.

What can we do in situations like these?

  1. Tell an adult, staff member, or a higher authority such as a security guard or policeman. Trust me, they want to help.
  2. Use See something say something! It’s completely anonymous and it can really help someone out who needs it.