How to have a perfect movie night

How to have a perfect movie night

Willough Vogrig, Staff Writer

Are you trying to have the most amazing movie night with family, friends, your pet, or even by yourself? Some people depict watching movies alone is sad, but we all know you are just trying to enjoy some ‘you’ time. Maybe you even find watching movies therapeutic. Anyways, you came to the perfect article to have that dream movie night.

To begin, do you have a movie chosen yet? If you aren’t sure on what movie to choose, I have some recommendations. Don’t forget it is spooky season so of course some horror would be ideal. Some genres of movies you can look in to are horror, simply because it is spooky season like I stated, romance, because we all need some love in our life, and if we do not, we would love to watch some, and even sad for those lonely nights with your thoughts.

Next, after browsing over some movies, I would suggest some movies, but of course Netflix has all the good movies rated too high. Maybe you are even searching TikTok for that trending movie. After finding the genre that attracts you, open your streaming website or app. Then search for your movie of choice, hopefully it was not too hard to find.

Once you are sure on the movie you would like to enjoy, I recommend watching Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney+. Wait to start your movie and go to your kitchen, or store if you need to. Decide what snacks you would like to grab.

A movie without snacks is not the same as one with snacks. I recommend different sorts of snacks, such as candy, you know gummies and chocolates, that big bag of chips you deserve, popcorn, and some beverages, maybe a Slurpee even though it is cold in Chicago.

Then, spread out your snacks to your pleasure, and where you would like them to be. I recommend in a bowl for easy access and hopefully in front of you. Invite your family, friends, or even just hang out with your pet.

Finally, sit back, relax, and put on that movie and enjoy it.