Argo Chess Club is ready to beat Richards


Ameera Abed and Amany Abusalem

Argo Chess Club is going up against Richards on Tuesday, October 25 from 3:00 – 4:30 pm at Richards High School. Chess Club Coach, Lucian Bogdan, is going to teach his team the definition of victory. He is enthusiastic about the game of chess and takes into consideration all the aspects of it.

“I love coaching chess club. I have a pile of research articles that help develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and develops memory,” Bogdan said. “The more you practice, the more you can improve.”

For senior Marlene Arenas, this game is significant because it’s an opportunity to show her strategic, smooth, and critical skills in the game of chess. She played four years straight during her younger years and stopped for three years. However, even after a hiatus, she is ready to prove that she still plays her moves smart.

“Some skills that are acquire which are beneficial for chess is that I am strategic. I like to think ahead. I am very well thought out and I always have a plan before I go into it,” Arenas said. “I am also very observant and recognize the patterns of other players.”

In addition to class time, out-of-school practice is important to Argo chess players, especially when versing a higher-ranked school.

“I am a good player because I practice and put a lot of effort not only in school but outside of school,” Arenas said. I go above and beyond for my team. For example, I purchased a book on how to play chess, reading thousands of words just for my dedication to this team.”

After working hard and dedicating their time to preparing, Argo chess members are ready to take on the game against Richards.

“We have to work hard to still achieve what we had in previous years, but we have students who are dedicated,” Bogdan said. “It’s not going to be immediate, but we can definitely get there by the end.”