College: What to Expect


Jacob Hatlas, Staff Writer

Seniors, graduation is coming up, and you know what that means: what will you do after you get your high school diploma? Will you go work a low-paying job, or don’t get one at all? Hopefully, you all have the same goal as many of us: going to college. And in case you need some guidance, this piece will help you, along with answered questions from the College Career Center and a Purdue University student.

Some of you are probably doing your classes, and some of you might be falling asleep in them, but if you wanted to get into a college you would need to do some work. The College Career Center recommends going to the college campuses to see how good it’ll be. Then you would look at the requirements to go, such as checking your intelligence or GPA. They also check if you can financially afford to go to one, so make sure, that you can afford college. If you can’t, you can always apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which helps students financially, with loans and grants. There is much more to learn with signing up for college, so I recommend going to the College Career Center to learn more about this since all this information came from there.

But what if you got accepted? How will you get ready to set up your dorm and know what stuff to pack? Luckily, a student at Purdue was willing to answer some questions that were asked here. If you were to pack for college, you would need to go on a lot of shopping trips. Like going to Ikea to buy furniture or buying snacks and food for your dorm. You should also try to figure out how stuff will fit in the car since you’ll be taking a lot of things for your dorm. And if you were to bring A LOT of stuff, he recommends taking two cars since it can become cramped. He also recommends not trying to pack everything at the last minute, since rushing would cause something to mess up. Instead, try to set up an hour or half an hour early so it wouldn’t be that stressful.

And once you’ve done all these things, it should be an easy flow through college, disregarding the homework. And don’t think that college will be the last time you see your parents until the year is over since colleges take breaks and students can be sent back to their homes to catch up with their parents. So, if you do plan to go to college and are stressed about all the setting up for getting into college, you can always go to the College Career Center to ask for help or refer to this article.