Scarcity of Parking Causes Problems for Students at Argo


Mahmoud Ghanayem, Staff Writer

Students at Argo Community High School without a parking pass are still struggling to find parking spots, and students say Argo isn’t doing much to help.

“I finally got my license senior year and was ready to drive to school,” said by Mustafa Mustafa, a senior at Argo Community High School. “After I received my license, they said there is no more parking passes left.”

There are many students just like Mustafa that drive to school every single day and don’t have a parking pass. It is a struggle for them to find parking some days which causes them to even be late to class sometimes. This is not right because only 42 seniors can get the student parking pass. The class of 2023 at Argo is roughly 350 students. Roughly half the class of 2023 have their license and drive to school. That leaves 110 students without being able to get an opportunity to get a parking pass.

“I know the district has; I don’t know what has come of it. But I know they were asking for an absurd amount of money,” said Vincent Loizzo a dean at Argo Community High School who oversees parking passes. He said this when asked “Why doesn’t Argo investigate buying the parking lot that is for sale east of the current student parking lot?”

The students understand that money is not unlimited. But when it comes to parking Argo should investigate the downsides it has for only having 42 parking spots, such as being tardy to class and having to park far leaving the car in a space that may have no cameras. When students are coming back from an away game that is late at night and parked their car on the street and didn’t have time to move the car before leaving school, they may feel uncomfortable and unsafe walking to their car at night that far away.

“Yes, sometimes not all the time but I was tardy,” said Mariam Ghanayem, a former student at Argo Community High School.

There are many reasons why Argo should buy and investigate making more parking spaces. But one reason not having a big parking lot and investing thousands into a parking lot is that every single year is different. This year most of the seniors have a car but next year there might not be as many. So, the thought about spending thousands and thousands of dollars on parking lot that may benefit this year but is useless in the next couple years is just unnecessary.

“It’s tough for them (the administration), it’s tough,” said Loizzo.