Seniors: What more do you need to prove?

Lavar Barfield, Staff Writer

Seniors of Argo community high school were interviewed about their senior year credits and if they needed much more to graduate. If not, why do they have to stay for a timely 7 hours a day?

“I had to drop math because I have a lot of homework, and I really don’t need it,” said Maja Nawrocka, an Argo Senior.

These teens are 17-18 years old and have more responsibilities than their past freshmen lives.

“I would have more time to find a job to work,” said Jacob Chowaniec, an Argo Senior.

Even though this is a relevant problem in student lives, there doesn’t seem to be a change being made.

But there are facts to prove other arguments.

“I don’t see a purpose of you attending in person school and spending unnecessary money when you are only there for two class periods,” said Fayroz Saleh, an Argo senior.

How should students move on with the information given? A lot of seniors believe that it’s best to have an option based on that individual person’s grades and circumstances. If some students want to stay till 2:55 then they should be able to, if others want to leave after their 2nd period, they should have the option to.

However, students with lower GPA’s may be able to use the extra classes to give their GPA a push after not preforming as wanted in earlier years.

“These extra classes develop smarter thinking, moving on to larger classes in college, it would be need,” said Saleh.

Having extra classes would be better for learning, and since most students want to go to a university, these extra classes are almost a must.