Students need longer breaks

Alexa Baez, Staff Writer

Taking breaks after doing a one lap is important. Especially if we do a whole lap around the football field. And on fitness Wednesdays
Kiara, a freshman who takes gym class for 3rd period says, “We should at least have a 4minute break instead of a oneminute break because all we do is the laps and then we get straight to doing our warmups. Planned breaks allow runners to build their minds and bodies back up. They return with stronger muscles, tendons, and minds. We should at least have a minimum of 7 minutes to get our energy back up. Imagine doing a whole lap around the football field and never taking a break. 
“People are not as active as other people, and they don’t have any physical condition at all, said Danny who just started sophomore year. It’s tiring because it a whole run.

People don’t drink enough water at all and obviously people get tired because they are not hydrated well, or they haven’t eaten in the morning or just in general. “I feel tired after doing a whole lap,” Danny said.
Especially when they do fitness Wednesday, they run for 2 to 3 minutes and have a break for a minute. If they ever stop, they will probably take points off. But people do still need breaks. If you don’t rest or take a small break you will put yourself at risk of repetitive strain injury, become demotivated, and as a result, your performance will decrease as opposed to increasing. You can find this information in this article in The Mother Runners Why you need to take a planned running break.
The more you run and don’t stop the higher the risk is that you’re eventually going to hurt yourself without even knowing you got injured. Having a break can relax your mind and you breathing. The more breaks you take the better. That’s why we should have breaks for at least 4 or more minutes for a water break or a normal break.
“Taking breaks will be very helpful to many students because many might have a sickness,” said Kiara.