Argo classrooms are cold


Shaniyah Snipes, Staff Writer

During the summer classrooms in Argo High School have become colder, and students who sit closer to the air conditioning are suffering.

“Room 248 is the coldest, because I sit right next to the air conditioning,” an anonymous source said. “I wear a thick hoodie, so it won’t be as cold”.

A 2014 study demonstrated that students who are in colder classrooms have a harder time staying awake. Students scored 76% percent on a quiz when it was 81 degrees, and then when it was 62 degrees they got a 72%. In a blog a teacher posted that earlier this week his classroom was 52 degrees at City College High School.

“The biology hallways are the coldest,” said anonymous source. “I have that class 3rd period, so it’s harder for me to stay focused while sitting there”. When asking when they had their warmest classroom, they all told me it was on the first floor. “For my warmest classroom, it would be digital video, Auto’s, Robotics and Engineering.”

Students aren’t the only ones to complain about the classroom being cold teachers often say, “Is it cold in here to you?” or “It’s a little cold today, right?”. This confirms that Argo High School and other schools in the country have this problem that have students and teachers questioning it.

In every hallway you walk past you’ll see most people wearing hoodies or long sleeve shirts, and in the cafeteria, there are giant fans above the tables which makes it even colder than it already is.

“Why is it so cold in here?” said anonymous person. “Oh, there’s a fan above us”.

The pressure of having to stay alert in class while sitting near the air or constantly being cold is hard on students who want to pay attention or be present in class especially if they forgot to bring their sweater/ hoodie to school on a hot day.

“The warmest class I have is in 7th period, so I have to sit in cold classrooms all day” said a 14-year-old Argo student. “Even while wearing a hoodie, if it’s too thin it won’t really do anything for me”.

I hope this brings awareness to the school officials that students and teachers are in fact cold; although, it is hot the air conditioning doesn’t have to be all the way up.