Welding: What you need to know

Jacob Hatlas

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September 10, 2021

Welding is a class here at Argo where you usually make stuff by connecting metal together with hot flames. Welding is in room 164 and Jason Smith runs the classroom. If you like getting your hands dirty or you like to make some interesting projects, this class is for you!

If you’re interested in welding, there are 4 welding classes. Welding 1 is one semester, welding 2 is another semester, welding 3 is a year, and welding 4 is a year.

Welding was usually just used for making tools, or just used in construction. But it can also be used to make some artwork, like making candleholders, or pencil holders. And yes, in welding, people usually just make projects like that, and they all seem to enjoy it. I even asked a bunch of people myself, and they all seem to rate welding a 10/10. Some kids seem to be offset by the idea of taking welding, seeing as it’s too dangerous or risky. I asked Jason Smith about safety, his response was along the lines of, we do four weeks of safety for welding, so if you get hurt during class then you probably weren’t paying attention.

As I’m going into Welding 2 and starting on a new project, I’ve noticed the pieces get a little trickier, but are still simple. My first project was a candleholder, which is just 3 squares welded and a triangle for a bottom. Then, it was a pencil holder, which is just a tube with a bunch of welds on the side and a bottom. And now I’m working on a picture frame, which was confusing at first, but I think I got the gist of it. As the projects went on, the better I was at it. Because of all the projects Mr. Smith had his class to complete, the better they got at welding in general.

If you want to practice your steady hands, or just want to make fun projects, you can talk to your counselors to get in (last time all spaces were filled so get in while you still can).