Strange things brewing at Strange Brew


Emily Broniewicz, Staff Writer

Off the beaten path, Strange Brew is located subtly in Palos Hills, near Moraine Valley. Open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Strange Brew is a small place filled with bright colors and friendly staff. A place anyone would be lucky to stop in to for some sustenance. Even with playable board games, alternative music, and hanging lights, delicious snacks are the main attraction. Food and beverages offered at this small café include various selections of toasts, smoothie bowls, cups, and—of course—coffee. cc

Strange Brew, offering snacks with surprising twists, pulls new flavors out of classic novelties. Such as with the Twist and Shout, the restaurants take on a classic strawberry banana smoothie, which contains a spritz of pineapple juice, making it all the more refreshing. Or, as in the Big Fella Nutella toast, while it does have a unique name, it also brings about distinctive tastes. While extremely rich in hazelnut chocolate flavor, it also pleases one’s taste buds by offering succulent strawberry and coconut flavor dashes. Strawberry Fields, almost as large as a field, provided plenty of strawberries, coconut, almond milk, and granola smoothiliciousness for two people to feast on.

While making delicious food, Strange Brew remains environmentally conscious. While they offer some plastic to-go cups and silverware, any in-person dining is done on reusable dishware. While remaining primarily eco-friendly, the café also supports local creators by selling homemade products such as cupcakes and coffee mixes.

Feel free to stop in for a delicious and fulfilling snack and rest at any time of day at the great Strange Brew café. Located at 8650 W 103rd St, Palos Hills, IL 60465, the restaurant is worth commuting to enjoy some delicious food.