Treasure Days Returns


Jacob Hatlas, Staff Writer

Treasure Days returns after Covid-19 for its annual garage sale event, which is an event that is mainly for garage sales in the Bridgeview district. It was cut into three weekends on different sides of Bridgeview, North, South, and anything further south. Due to Covid-19 causing Treasure days to be canceled in 2020, many people were excited to go see the treasures of the people of Bridgeview this year.

Every year, one resident opened his garage to sell their knick-knacks to other people for money. “It was a fun event, and I had a good time selling my items to other people for a few dollars” they said. They can make a lot of money, depending on the people and the prices. If you were to sell a variety of items, you could make a good buck. This resident knew this, because they had a wide selection, like dolls, toys, decors, and much more.

Sometimes there can be a whole lot of people going to Treasure Days just for the chances to get something good. There are also a lot of people who may not be willing to go outside and sell items. Usually on Sundays, neighbors don’t feel like selling items, probably because a lot of people bought out their items on Saturday. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, in this case early buyers get the great deals.

If you are looking to get some items for cheap, you can head down to Bridgeview for that. The dates are usually on the last three weekends of September, so get there when you have the chance!