Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Delivers Delightful Family Fun

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Andy Barba, Staff Writer

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is a family-friendly film with a main cast of Lego versions of the Franchise’s characters. The movie follows the cast of the sequel as they get ready for a Life Day Party for Chewie’s relatives, and Rey trains Finn to become a Jedi.

As they train, Finn feels like he isn’t getting it, and Rey feels as though she isn’t being a good teacher. This leads her on a quest to discover a Jedi temple for help. Her travels lead her on an adventure through past events in the Star Wars Universe, helping her learn what it is truly means to be a Jedi Master.

This movie brings excitement and enjoyment to the viewer by showing past events in the Star Wars universe and messing with the space-time continuum. This allows for comedic moments between characters and inside jokes that can make any Star Wars fan laugh.

It can be a little cheesy, but the light-heartedness adds to the charm. It is so much better than the last Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978, which is something we Star Wars fans don’t speak of it. I would recommend this to someone if they wanted to watch some goofy and adventurous but heartwarming during the holidays.