Chaos Walking Adaptation Set to Hit Theaters This March


Courtesy of Best Toppers

Emily Broniewicz, Staff Writer

The upcoming science-fiction movie, “Chaos Walking,” is set to be released in March. Some big names will appear on screen with the likes of Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, and Nick Jonas. With these names, excellence is likely, but upon viewing the recently publicized and extremely well-anticipated trailer, some aspects of the character portrayals make diehard book fans uneasy.

The trilogy written by Patrick Ness, released starting in 2008, follows protagonist Todd Hewitt as he faces a world where people can hear each other’s thoughts through images, sounds, and words known as the Noise. In Prentisstown, the dystopian society in which only men exist, Todd’s life changes forever days before his thirteenth birthday. Todd and his dog, Manchee stumble, across a silent part of his world where he cannot hear the Noise. This place is with Viola Eade. This discovery shifts his life upside down, sending him on the run from an army lead by a raging psychopath and his past.

The set of young-adult books string along a page-turning adventure filled with friendship, heartbreak, and hope. But more importantly, Todd and Viola’s innocence and childlike mindset make the book all the more gut-wrenching and disturbing. The age of the main characters in the novels is critical. Them facing so much at a young age adds a horrific element to the story fans are afraid won’t occur since Tom Holland, 24, and Daisy Ridley, 28, are out of that age group.

This issue of age has the fandoms teeth chattering. Aside from the disturbing plot for children to encounter, a fundamental aspect of the book is the long-term platonic love between Viola and Todd. No romance brews between the two until the third novel, the very end of the series when Todd and Viola have aged. But with actors who are older than the characters they portray, some supporters of the series are worried the relationship between characters will not appear in the same innocent and friendship like state it does in the novels.

Another common fear amongst panicked fans is the brewing publicity of the upcoming movie and the series by default. While most supporters are proud of the series for finally getting the recognition it deserves, they are worried the film will be flooded with viewers only watching for the actors. With headlines such as “Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley’s ‘Chaos Walking’” fans are worried that the adaption they have waited for won’t be recognized as Patrick Ness’ work.

While there are many things fans are concerned about following the trailers released on November 19th, there is also a lot to be excited about. The featured actors have done excellent work in the past, and in the clips seen, great work and character portrayals are shown. The special effects, music, and intensity are all things to be raved about. Not to mention Manchee looks absolutely adorable. So, just as the novel series is illustrious, it appears the upcoming movie will be just as fantastic.

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