Argo Shares Updated COVID Announcement

Adam Mateja, Staff Writer

As COVID infection rates increase, the possibility of going back to school and having a hybrid plan has disappeared. As of November 3rd, Argo has announced that students will not be going back to school until at least second semester of the 2020-2021 school year. Argo has also postponed most winter sport seasons as a result of the increasing infection rates, with early December being the date until seasons can resume. The decision was made in accordance with IDPH and Cook County Board of Public Health (CCBPH) guidelines.

As November begins, the number of COVID infections is exponentially increasing. The conditions for going back to school and having a hybrid plan would be when the infection rate per 100,000 people is below 8% as stated in IDPH and CCBPH guidelines.  However, as we continue into November, the rate has been increasing and has hit 11.43%, presenting a substantial risk if we go back.

Cook County has already placed restrictions on indoor dining at restaurants and bars as of October 26th, as a response to the increase in infection rates. Chicago has implemented a stay-at-home advisory, urging residents to only leave home for essential activities to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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