New Netflix Competition Leads to Undetermined Fate for Popular Streaming Service


Image of Courtesy of Netflix Media

Anaiah Davis, Staff Writer

The next two years might prove to be a test for Netflix as several media companies are planning to jump start their own streaming services. Due to the looming rise of said services, it is unclear if Netflix will continue to reign as one of the top streaming services in the world.

Already in competition with Netflix are Amazon Prime Video and Disney-owned Hulu. According to Market Realist, Hulu was founded a decade after Netflix and has less than a fourth of its subscribers. First up on the list of new streaming services is Disney with Disney+ launching this November and WarnerMedia with HBO Max in 2020. The Verge was one of many news outlets to announce that NBC Universal has an unnamed service debuting in 2020, and CNET recently elaborated on the news of Apple creating a service called Apple TV Plus.

With the arrival of WarnerMedia and NBC Universal’s new services, Netflix will lose its popular sitcoms “Friends” and “The Office.” Disney also intends to remove all of its movies to be streamed exclusively on Disney+ or Hulu. Those are Netflix’s two most watched shows, according to Vox Media, and will be removed along with other movies and shows which contributes to what some believe may be the undoing of Netflix.

“I’m sad that they’re taking off The Office, [but] I think the downfall of Netflix would be when they really start running out of shows that people care about,” said Argo student Jonathon Gutierrez when asked how he feels about the fate of the streaming service. “I don’t think Netflix would lose its number one spot. It’s always going to be seen as a classic. It’s the go-to.”

Another Argo student, Darcy Yanez, voiced her thoughts saying, “My general opinion on Netflix is that people are attached to the content and not the service itself. Regarding new services, though, it depends on prices. If new services have lower prices, I’m obviously going to get those instead.”

According to Macrotrends, Netflix had a revenue estimated to be $15.794 billion in 2018. It also has a steady base of nearly 150 million subscribers worldwide. However, since Disney+ plans to start at a price of $6.99, and Hulu is already half the price of Netflix at $5.99, the most anyone can expect of Netflix is a price cut.

The upcoming loss of content poses a threat to Netflix, but it’s been keeping people coming back for more with hit original shows. Since Netflix debuted “House of Cards” in 2013, there have been dozens of more original shows and movies such as “Stranger Things,” “13 Reasons Why,” and “Dumplin’.” In a Quartz article published in early 2019, Ashley Rodriguez stated that Netflix put out close to 1,500 hours of original content in 2018.

Despite the tremendous success Netflix has had, the new services have many attributes to look forward to. DigitalTrends has said that HBO Max will have thousands of hours of their own original content like “Pretty Little Liars” as well as shows such as “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” WarnerMedia also owns a wide range of Warner-Bros. produced films that could potentially be put on their service.

In his article on The Verge, Jon Porter stated that it will be free for millions of people that already subscribe to pay-tv and come with NBC shows such as “SNL” and “Parks and Recreation.” The majority of content set to be on the service is said to likely come from outside the company.

Apple’s service, Apple TV Plus, was announced in March and is set to premiere in November, along with Disney+. In her CNET article about the new service, Joan E. Solesman stated that it’s set to start at $4.99 and will be free for a year for anyone that buys an apple appliance and everyone else has the opportunity to get a seven-day free trial.

Regardless of the challenges Netflix has and will come to face, it thus far has been a continuously growing and successful service that many believe won’t easily be defeated. Let us know what you think about the fate of Netflix by taking our poll!