Tradition Starts Here: Maroon and White Night

Caitlin Furtyo, Section Editor- Lifestyle

The introduction of Argo’s first annual Maroon and White Night was a great way for students to get a feel for what our school has to offer. The event took place on Friday, August 18th and featured many of Argo’s extracurricular activities and organizations, along with a Maroon vs. White scrimmage game played by our soccer, volleyball, and football teams. Maroon and White Night had a nostalgic, carnival feeling to it stemming from the snacks, to the photo booth, and to the face painting. 

One of the main attractions at the event was the highly anticipated dunk tank. The dunk tank was hosted by The Maroon, Argolite, and WARG, featuring guest appearances by Mrs. Nall, Mr. Toulios, Dr. Covino, Mr. Jankowicz, Ms. Baldes, and Mr. Berrios. Students lined up and took a throw to dunk their favorite Argo staff members. The dunked staff members were all good sports, plunging into the cold water wearing their nicest googles and prettiest floaties. 

Another main attraction of the night had to have been the face painting hosted by the JV and Varsity Cheer. They painted their hearts out, creating a canvas out of the skin of their customers. Some of the best tattoos of the night had to have been the rainbow unicorn and Spider-Man. The Cheerleaders had so much fun painting at their booth to raise money for new equipment, and definitely took advantage of the paint on each other’s faces!  

Other booths took homage to snacks, prizes, and memories. The NHS booth handed out prizes to those who pulled a lollipop with a colored stick. Prizes included key-chains, drawstring backpacks, water bottles, and candy (how sweet)! The junior class board sold churros, GSA sold candy and snacks and student council hosted the photo booth. Parents United also had a booth at the event, providing information to parents interested in getting involved.  

Maroon and White Night wouldn’t have been the same without the famous maroon vs. white scrimmages by the soccer team and the football team on the new turf field. For the soccer game, the maroon team won with a shut-out making it an exciting game. As soon as the soccer game ended, all of the administrators lined up at the entrance to the field to officially open the new turf field. 

Dr. Kingsfield and the Board of Education came together to cut the ribbon, commencing the start to a new football season and grand opening of the turf.  After that, all of the Fall varsity athletes lined up across the field to be recognized for their hard work and achievement. The football game was exciting, with cheers going to both sides of the field. 

Unfortunately, it started to rain while the movie was playing meaning they had to cancel the rest of the Black Panther showing. Overall the introduction of Maroon and White Night was a success, everyone got to raise a lot of money for their clubs and got to get a lot of exposure and recruitment in hopes for new members to join. It’s a great feeling to become a part of history and we’re all excited to see how Maroon and White Night will continue to grow and evolve.