Argo Registration: A Fast Recap


Melissa Vires, News Section Editor

As school starts once again, incoming and returning students alike registered from August 6-9th for a new year at Argo.  

The process started just outside Door 17 where parents and students waited to be let into the building. The lines weren’t very long and kept the cafeteria from being overcrowded.  

Once inside, families were greeted with the smiling faces of Argo staff and a handful of parent volunteers. The process was quick and efficient with staff giving directions and answering any questions families had.  

Those who had any schedule complications could see their counselor, as all schedules are final on the first day of school. If anyone has questions, they should contact their counselor before it’s too late.  

Anyone present for registration could tell that the grueling task of waiting hours to register for school was reduced to a short and simple visit, and it leads many to wonder: what other progressions have been made over the summer?