Bedford Teen Program

Emma Garcia-Warner, Staff Writer

The Bedford Teen Corner is an area in the Bedford Park Swanson Center that teenagers from Bedford can go to and study, hang out with friends, play video games, watch tv, do homework, and even bring food to eat there. 

The best part, it’s run by the teens from the community. The teens running it—The Teen Advisory Council—make most of the decisions. Which means that the activities are made based on what they believe is currently the most interesting for teens.  

The council volunteers for events happening in the community. They volunteer to help decorate, pass out food, and even ‘babysit.’  

It’s currently not open to teens, due to the fact that the area is still being decorated, but they are trying their best to finish ASAP! Hopefully by the end of November. Look out for updates!  

The teen corner is a place just for teens: 7th graders to 12th graders. It’s a place for teens to be themselves. They may do things like overnight events, field trips, and even fun celebrations!