The scoop on Dr. Kingsfield; Fun socks and more!


Lindsae Baldes

On Monday, I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Jill Kingsfield, District 217’s new superintendent. She told me all about how she loves Argo for the spirit it has and how rewarding it is to help lead the tradition.

Before she was a superintendent at Argo, she then was the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Fenton high school. She oversaw how students were taught and how well they learned. She was also an Assistant Principal and a Dean of Students at the same school. She started her teaching career, however, as a Spanish teacher.

When asked what about Argo was so appealing, Dr. Kingsfield spoke about how she wanted to work at a diverse school district. She also wanted to be fully committed to the school, so a single-school district was important too.

Dr. Kingsfield went to a couple Argo events before she had her interview, and this was her top choice. When she got the job, she was on her way back from another interview, actually. She said she was talking on the phone with her mother on the way home, and she got a call, and it was the whole Board of Education on a conference phone in the Historical Room telling her that she got the job. She was ecstatic.

Dr. Kingsfield believes it’s the superintendent’s job is to make sure the school is running properly, and to make sure everyone works as a team. She wants this school to be as safe, and smooth-running as possible.

To keeps things light, she told me about her idea for “Fun Sock Friday” She encourages the staff and students to wear fun socks on Fridays “But only if they are appropriate” Kingsfield says.

I asked if she felt welcomed at Argo, and she replied, “[She] loves this school and feels so welcome.” She went on to explain how the students and staff have welcomed her with open arms. The “Argo Experience” has been a blast for her. She loves the amount of spirit she sees every day in the hallways and loves how diverse and fun our school is.

She then explained how she involves herself in student life. She tries to go to as many games as possible. “I’m only one person, so I try to make time for as many things as possible”. She also loves that she works in a one district school, so she can always be on campus. When she isn’t in meetings, she tries to be in the hallways to see the friendly faces of students.

It’s clear Dr. Kingsfield loves Argo Community High School and she loves working here every day. If you see her at the Homecoming game, parade, or dance, be encouraged to say hi and introduce yourself! You can also catch her on WARG with Natalie Cross at 4:30. Tune into 88.9 or listen to the live stream here.