Sci Twi’s everlasting sunlight

Queen, Staff Writer

I was walking down the halls like usual, but then she walked in. I’ve had the biggest crush on her for months now. Every time I talk to someone about her, they always tell me to ask her out, but I just can’t! What if she said no? Our friendship could be ruined. She could hate me forever. WHAT IF SHE NEVER HANGS OUT WITH ME AGAIN!?

“Hey Twilight!” It was her voice.

“H-hey Sunset! H-How’s your dayyy?” She looked at me like I spoke an alien language.

“Are you okay? You seem nervous.”

“Well, it’s just uh, I’m excited to see my bestie. Haha!”

She put her elbow on my shoulder and leaned on me like usual.

“Okay…Do you wanna go to the Cake’s place and get somethin’ after sch—”

“ALONE!?” I screamed out without thinking.

“Uh, yeah, everyone else is busy with their own thing, so it’s just you and me for a little while!”

I was trembling. So much so that my glasses fell off. Thankfully Sunset caught them for me.

“Is somethin’ the matter, Twi? You’ve been acting strange.” She put my glasses back on my face.

“Noooo! Why would anything be wrong? Come on lets go!” I grabbed her wrist and started walking to the Cake’s bakery.

“Twi! School isn’t going to be over for another hour!” At this point she probably knew something was up, but I just wanted to spend time with her now. The bell chimed as Sunset, and I walked into the building.

“Why hello Twilight and Sunset! It’s a surprise to see you here so early,” Mrs. Cake said as we walked into the shop.

“BREAK.” I said, thinking of an excuse, “I mean, the teachers let us go on break!”

Mrs. Cake was confused but she shrugged.

“Alright what do you girls want?”

“I’d just like a-“


“Why did you order that much?” Sunset whispered into my ear.

“Because we have to stay fueled for later!”

We waited as Mrs. Cake rung up our order.

“That’ll be $28.52, girls.”

“Keep the change.” I said swiftly, trying to sound cool, but I really didn’t.

We got through half of the box till we couldn’t eat anymore.

“Well since you wanted to hang out more what do you want to do next Twi?”

“We could watch a movie, or go to the park, or get ice cream, or go to the beach, or- “

“–How about we just go on a walk?”

I nodded my head, cleaned up, then we stepped outside.

“B-beautiful weather isn’t it?”

“Uh, yeah.”

Was I upsetting her?! This is bad.

Before I knew it, she started walking faster and I had to catch up with her quick pace. She was on a steady walk while I was jogging.

“W-wait up Sunset!”

She stopped and I had to take a breather by her side, “Twilight is something the matter?”

“Wh-Why would there be?”

“You’ve been acting weird, all achy and stuff.”

“I just have a…cold! I have a cold. Cough…Cough.” I had to come up with that on the spot, she mighta fallen for it.

“Uh, can I help you feel better?”

“Yeah. By hanging out with me!”

“Alright then.”

We started walking, but this time we were silent. A few minutes passed by until she said, “Twilight, be honest. Why did you want to hang out with me so fast? You skipped school, spent about an hour with me eating cupcakes, and offered to do so much stuff. Why?”

My cheeks were red immediately. Do I lie to her? Why would I lie to her? She’s my best friend.

“Sunset,” I shakily grabbed both of her hands, “Will you stay friends with me no matter what?”

“W-why do you ask?”

“Because…I love you, Sunset.”

Her cheeks were red, and now I see how I felt earlier.

“Twi, I love you too!”

“No, Sunset I love love you. I have a crush on you.”


I couldn’t handle it. I ran away. I embarrassed myself. I flunked it. I teared up. I didn’t run far, but I still ran.

My trail of tears followed me like a reminder of this stupid mistake. There was a clicking sound behind me. Boots.

“Twilight, I love you too.”

“H-Huh?” I sniffled.

“Twilight, I adore you. I love your presence. I love when you talk Twilight. I love you.”

I couldn’t say anything. I just hugged her, and she held me back. My tears ran off her jacket, she lifted my face up from her shoulder.

“Stop crying dummy,” she said warmly.


“What’s there to be sad about?”

I started crying more, not from sadness, but from pure joy.