Poms team members have a lot on their plate

Shaniyah Snipes, Staff Writer

Honors classes. Student council meetings. Poms practice. Jillian Pavel, a 14-year-old freshman student at Argo, has a lot of activities after school, but not enough time for other activities.

“I have practice 4 days a week,” she said, “It was non-stop going over things for our routine, while still doing homework.”

Sometimes the days she has games aren’t at the best timing, it could be sore muscles, being sick, or even just not having a good day. Pavel once stated that she was very sick and still performed well for the team.

“One day I was sick,” she said, “My head was pounding but I had to suck it up, I [just] needed to get this routine over with, so I fought through it.”

Ms. Holmbeck stated that she knows there is pressure for all the student-athletes to attend practice and games during their season, and if the student is passionate about what they’re doing their doing everything becomes a little easier for them.

“There is pressure for all student-athletes to attend practices and games during the season,” she said, “If the student is invested in their education and sport, the routine of completing both obligations becomes easier. I tell my students that it’s about prioritizing their time and self-discipline. Academics always come first, and their sport of choice should add to their routine and enhance their discipline.”

As for staying focused, some students have a hard time doing so, so when they have practice Holmbeck ensures that it’s fun and not too tiring for the students.

“We make it fun!” Holmbeck said, “The individuals who try out for the team know the expectations of being a sailorette, so the rest comes easy.”

As for helping the students when their coach, Holmbeck knows a coach when one of her students isn’t feeling well or just needs a simple break.

“We all have our off days,” she said, “If I observe a member displaying unusual behavior, I will simply ask them if everything is ok. If they are not feeling well, I ask if they would like to go home. Coaches know when their team members are off and can tell by how they talk, act, or carry themselves.”

Every member of the team is important in their roles vary from day to day, so everyone knows that their presence is important to the team.

“Every team member is just as important as the next” Holmbeck states, “Their roles vary from day to day, and they know how important their presence means to the team.”