The end of a season


Photo taken by yearbook crew member.

Kiara Banuelos, Staff Writer

The season is ending for all the fall sports. Many athletes may be happy or sad because of the season ending. Sometimes the season can be hard for some athletes with having homework, jobs or even being able to have some free time to hang out with friends or just stay home and relax.

Volleyball just ended for the freshman volleyball girls Some girls might actually miss the season like Keilani Sanchez, a volleyball athlete and a freshman here in Argo. “Yes, most definitely, it kept me busy and occupied, but also I got to do a sport I love,” she said.

People know that being in a sport is a very big responsibility. You have to sometimes play on Saturdays, practices can be tiring, and games that run late. Athletes don’t have enough time to do homework, or they don’t have the energy to do it.

“It was hard having to keep up with grades. You can’t have 2 or more F’s. It was hard having to get home from a tiring practice and do homework or study for a quiz, especially with games that ran late,” said another volleyball player, Emma Garcia.

Being able to like the sport is something that is important because you are committing so much time to one thing. Conditioning through out the time off is something that can help the athletes.

“I’m going to tryout for club volleyball,” Sanchez said.  This will help Sanchez out by not leaving the sport with the time off. “I love volleyball more than any other sport, and I will tryout for all the years here at Argo.”