Violent Night is not the usual Christmas movie


Alexa Baez and Kiara Banuelos

Watching Christmas movies in Christmas season is the best, but watching action movies can be too. Many people are excited to watch the new movie coming out called Violent Night.

On December 2 of 2022, a new movie is coming out called Violet Night starring David Harbour, also known as Hopper in Stranger Things.

“I’m really excited to watch Violent Night,” said Danny Baez, a student at Argo who’s in her sophomore year.

“Yes, I am going to watch the movie,” said Jaslin Fregoso, a student here at Argo. “I knew about the movie because I knew one of the actors from Stranger Things, which I’ve watched. I like action movies because they are exciting and you never know what could happen.”

This movie is not the regular type of Christmas movie. In the movie, Santa Claus is saving the Christmas day from a group of mercenaries who attack the estate of a wealthy family.

Fregoso said, “I am excited to see what the movie is about, and I am more excited about Christmas coming up.”